Tenshinkan Karate Federation UK




Tenshinkan U.K. regularly hold Seminar events for Senior members, usually monthly, for Black and Brown belt grades. 
The aim of these Seminars is to concentrate in greater detail on the various aspects of karate techniques, from basics to kata, weapons  and beyond.

 Our Next  Seminar dates for 2018:‚Äč      Sundays :-   29th April, 27th May, 24th June. 
Venue: Invergowrie Dojo, Bullionfield Hall, 46 Main Street, Invergowrie, DD2 5AA.Type your paragraph here.

Our February Seminar practised Advanced Kihon Kumite using Sabaki,  and Katas - Jitte, Kanku-Dai, Nijushiho.  

Tenshinkan Seminar - February 2018

        Tenshinkan Seminar - February 2018