​Message from Hanshi Hans Haupt:
We Welcome the New Tenshinkan Branch established in BOTSWANA - Africa.

BOTSWANA is a Country which Borders on the North side of the South African Border.

Botswana members came to South Africa for 5 Day Gashuku in Tenshinkan.

They trained 6 hours every day.       Gashuku was given by Hanshi Hans Haupt.

Sensei THUSO MOLEPOLOLE (4th Dan) is the Chief Instructor for Botswana.

For more photos of the World Tenshinkan Gashuku - please visit  FACEBOOK SOUTH AFRICA :


Commiserations with Hanshi Hans Haupt.

    Members of Tenshinkan Karate Federation UK have heard of the devastating news of the house fire which has sadly totally destroyed the home of Hanshi Hans Haupt. 
    While at his holdiday home he received a call to say that " his house was on fire".  He returned home immediately, after a six hour long journey, to discover that his house had been completely destroyed. 
    All Hanshi's personal belongings were gone and he was left only with the clothes that he stood up in.  His office, his computers, his furniture - everything - completely gone.  
    All of his treasured personal possessions relating to karate and family, which he had collected over decades were totally wiped out. 

    It will take a long time to recover from such  terrible incident, and Tenshinkan UK wish to express our hope that Hanshi Hans will soon overcome his devastating loss.  Our thoughts are with him at this time.

Kyoshi Robert Kane and all of Tenshinkan KarateFederation U.K.     ​12th November 2018.

Tenshinkan Karatedo Federation

Group photograph - participants at the Tenshinkan World Gashuku held in South Africa - July 2017

Tenshinkan Karate Federation UK​

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Shihan John Young demonstrates Sochin Kata

Tenshinkan Karate Federation Sri Lanka 

​                 2017 Gashuku

For more information and photos from the Sri Lanka Gashuku click on the Facebook page link below: 


U.K. members with their  trohpies and medals from the World Gashuku - South Africa 2016

Tenshinkan Karate Federation - World Gashuku - South Africa - July 2016

Sensei Thuso Molepolole, 4th Dan (Second from the left)

Ossu to All Country Chiefs, Area Chiefs and Sensei in Tenshinkan.
To All Sensei and Black belts in every country in the World.
From KANCHO MIWA and Myself we wish to congratulate Joel Palmqvist on this magnificent achievement.
Congratulations JOEL - We are proud of you.
Picture taken from FaceBook.


Congratulations to Joel Palmqvist from Kyoshi Robert Kane and all Tenshinkan U.K. members

Kyoshi Robert Kane receives his certificate from Kancho Miwa on his appointment from Shihan to Kyoshi.

Message from Kancho :

We welcome our new Family Member - SHIHAN ALIREZA MONAFRED (5th Dan) from IRAN.
Shihan Alireza Monafred has Joined Tenshinkan and has now established a Tenshinkan Branch in IRAN