Tenshinkan Karate Federation UK​

   E-Mail: tenshinkankarateuk@gmail.com



Gashukus:   Each year Tenshinkan members throughout the U.K. come together to hold a "Gashuku" or special course. 
There are two Gashukus, one in the Spring and another in the Autumn.  Besides hard trainng there is an opportunity for all members, both junior and senior to take an examination.  (Trophies for best performances.)  

Our next 2019 Autumn Gashuku is :    Sunday 29th September 2019   12.30pm - 3.30pm      

Venue:    Ardler Complex, Games Hall.   All members & parents welcome.      

Club Gradings: 

Throughout the year there are four opportunities for members to take a Grading Examination.

Two are on both the Spring and Autumn Gashukus, and the other two are in the member's Dojo. These Club or Dojo Gradings are usually conducted in the last weeks of June and start of December.
Our next Grading opportunity for members will be from Monday 24th - 28th June 2019 - Club Gradings. 


Igirisu Tenshinkan Kenshu-Kai   ​  To be advised.

Tournaments:    Tenshinkan U.K. normally hold a Competition for all Junior members to participate in Kata and Freestyle (Kumite).  Here members can test their skills against each other in a friendly, but competitively controlled environment.
Tenshinkan competitions are well organised with good honest refereeing and held under W.U.K.O. rules. 

Next Tournament date:   Sunday 12th May 2019    12.30pm  -  3.30pm.   Entry Forms from your Club Instructor.