Tenshinkan UK 2018 Autumn Gashuku

Tenshinkan U.K. Spring 2018 Gashuku - Group Photo

Tenshinkan Black & Brown belt Seminars - April, May & June 2018

Kyoshi Robert Kane with Trophies for the 2019 Junior Tournament




​​​          Tenshinkan members at the April 2017 Bo Seminar

Holly receives her Junior Shodan Certifiate from Kyoshi Robert Kane - July 2019

Tenshinkan Latest News: Next Club Gradings the week of 2nd - 6th December ***** Congratulations to Holly Lockyer on achieving Junior Shodan ****

Tenshinkan UK Dan Gradings - click the small photo to see their new grades​

​CONGRATULATIONS Senseis Ruth Young, Jonathan Young, Tom Spasic. 

Congratulations to Tenshinkan UK Junior Black Belt members - Lucy Stoves and Adam Laing

Group Photo from May 21st 2017 Tenshinkan Junior Tournament



Congratulations to Shihan-Dai Joe Bracone on passing his grading to 5th Dan and his promotion to Shihan-Dai. 

Tenshinkan Spring Gashuku 2017 - Group photograph​​


Tenshinkan Karate Federation UK

Chief Instructor:


Congratulations to Holly Lockyer on her Grading success - now Junior Shodan 

Action from the 2017 Junior Tenshinkan Tournament

Welcome to the new 2016 Tenshinkan Karatedo Federation UK website. Here you will find information about our style of karate.

Our style of Karate was founded in Japan by Kancho Mamoru Miwa, Sensei 10th Dan. The Martial Arts have been Kancho Miwa’s life long work and although he specialises in Karate and is the founder of Tenshinkan, he is also highly qualified in other Martial Arts. Kancho Mamoru Miwa has been appointed by the Japan Karate Federation as the Chief Judge and Representative for this organisation for all Saitama Prefecture, which is the largest Northern Prefecture of Japan. Kancho Mamoru Miwa’s most recent visit to the U.K. was in June 2008.

The Founder of Tenshinkan Karate Federation U.K. is Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan.  For over 50 years he has promoted and dedicated his life to karate.

If you would like to find out more about our style of karate, please visit one of our Clubs.

Group photo - 24th Sept 2017  Tenshinkan Autumn Gashuku 


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Congratulations to Paul Stoves (Centre Right) on passing Shodan, April 2018.

Tenshinkan Karate Federation UK​

   E-Mail: tenshinkankarateuk@gmail.com


Congratulations to new Shodan members of Finmill Dojo -

March 2019. Left to right: John Mill, Jnr; Michael White, Snr;

  Marganna Siniaskia, Jnr. 

Group photograph - Tenshinkan UK Spring 2019 Gashuku