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Kyoshi Robert Kane with Trophies for the 2019 Junior Tournament

Holly receives her Junior Shodan Certifiate from Kyoshi Robert Kane - July 2019




Group Photo from May 21st 2017 Tenshinkan Junior Tournament

Welcome to the Tenshinkan Karatedo Federation UK website. Here you will find information about our style of karate.

Our style of Karate was founded in Japan by Kancho Mamoru Miwa, Sensei 10th Dan. The Martial Arts have been Kancho Miwa’s life long work and although he specialises in Karate and is the founder of Tenshinkan, he is also highly qualified in other Martial Arts. Kancho Mamoru Miwa has been appointed by the Japan Karate Federation as the Chief Judge and Representative for this organisation for all Saitama Prefecture, which is the largest Northern Prefecture of Japan. Kancho Mamoru Miwa’s most recent visit to the U.K. was in June 2008.

The Founder of Tenshinkan Karate Federation U.K. is Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan.  For over 50 years he has promoted and dedicated his life to karate.

If you would like to find out more about our style of karate, please visit one of our Clubs.

When will my Dojo re-open? :-


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Congratulations to Shihan-Dai Joe Bracone on passing his grading to 5th Dan and his promotion to Shihan-Dai. 

Action from the 2017 Junior Tenshinkan Tournament

Tenshinkan U.K. Spring 2018 Gashuku - Group Photo

Congratulations to new Shodan members of Finmill Dojo -

March 2019. Left to right: John Mill, Jnr; Michael White, Snr;

  Marganna Siniaskia, Jnr. 

Tenshinkan Latest News: **** Tenshinkan Karate re-opens in some dojos around the world **** Join Tenshinkan karate UK still training online with ZOOM ******One Tenshinkan UK Dojo re-opens

Group photo - 24th Sept 2017  Tenshinkan Autumn Gashuku 

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Monday Class (Finmill dojo)

JUNIORS at 6.00pm

Meeting ID: 627 539 0299


Tuesday & Thursday Senior Class

For SENIORS at 7.00pm

​Meeting ID: 989 868 136



Thursday Junior Class  (Ardler & others)

Juniors at 6.00 - 6.45pm 


Meeting ID: 796 6161 0349  Password --s-

Tenshinkan Black & Brown belt Seminars - April, May & June 2018

Following an accident and months of lockdown, Shihan John Young is back in action teaching -Tenshinkan Karate.


Group photograph - Tenshinkan UK Spring 2019 Gashuku 

Tenshinkan UK 2018 Autumn Gashuku

Congratulations to Tenshinkan UK Junior Black Belt members - Lucy Stoves and Adam Laing

Congratulations to Holly Lockyer on her Grading success - now Junior Shodan 



The Scottish Government is reopening more venues including schools and gyms.  However, although Ardler Complex is scheduled to re-open on 14th September, karate training will most likely NOT restart until Monday 19th October.  

We must first conduct a Risk Assessment with Ardler management.   

This takes into consideration Social Distancing, Masks, Entering and Leaving the hall, Track and Trace information, waiting space for parents, cleaning, sanatizing etc

Although Ardler Complex is one of the main Dojos that we use, it is not the only place.   As a Federation we use School Halls, Mason halls, Community halls, Gym halls etc, all of which will be subject to new Covid 19 rules and regulations, and all with different problems.  

We have a duty to maintain safe training for everyone and failure to comply and follow rules put in place may result in Clubs being closed down once again.   

Please watch out for information from your normal Club Instructor about when your Dojo might re-open.

Keep your eye on texts, emails and What's App information and check back to our wesite here for regular updates. 

Tenshinkan Dojo Re-opens at Invergowrie  

​Tenshinkan restarts physical training

Shihan John , Sensei Ruth & Sensei Jonathan started back today (Sunday 13th Sept) “Indoor Karate Training “ at Bullionfield Village Hall , Main Street , Invergowrie.

This is a great class for beginners and all levels as well.
Let’s start a Sunday in the right way ..........    Class :- 11.00 to 12.00 noon 
Next week 20th September is open to 12 years & over to join in with strict guidelines to adhere to.   Come along and join as all non-members are welcome too.

It’s important to “Book In” for our sessions.  Feel free to message me, Sensei Ruth Young, & GET BOOKED IN & I will share with you the current procedures I have in place.

Karate offers children the opportunity to develop confidence & self discipline which are important life-long skills .
Class times are :-
Every Sunday 11.00 am -12.00 noon   

To contact Sensei Ruth - email her at:  tenshinkankarateuk@gmail.com

Or see Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/100000280895845/posts/3533010320051630/?d=n